Entry: Finished sleeve Saturday, October 13, 2007

So on Thursday I finished the first sleeve of my wrap sweater. I can finally understand why people call it "sleeve island" and I do wish that I'd decided to work them simultaneously (which I considered). I'm up to the increases on the second sleeve. I'm really pleased with how this sweater is coming along, but I'm beginning to doubt that it will be finished (because there's a fair amount of seaming & end-weaving & also a lot more 1x1 rib edging to knit after the main pieces are finished) in a week. We'll see, though, I guess.


I've also been thinking about Christmas presents already (it's closer than it feels, I know) and I think I've got some good ideas for gifts. I'm excited about that but worried I won't have the time to get everything done that I want to. Again, we'll see.


February 24, 2008   06:48 PM PST
I am looking for someplace to go and learn how to knit. I am in Middle Island do you have any suggestions where I can go. Library is out, cannot find a knitters club. Any help will help. You have done such a great job with everything you have knitted, I am impressed and you are very talented.
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July 20, 2016   06:20 AM PDT
This top is really chic! I like it very much! You are so talented! I want to create something like that!

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