Entry: Some wrap progress Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Again with the not updating the blog even when there's been progress. Sorry about that, I don't know what my problem is. Well, actually, I do. I'm having a LOT of personal problems lately and I'm trying to keep them out of the knitting blog, but they definitely make remembering to update here difficult. Hopefully things will be better very soon, but for now please bear with the sporadic posts (not that there are all that many readers to disappoint). Anyway, I've been keeping good notes so here you go:

When we left off, I'd just finished the back. That night I cast on for the front and began working some of it. I didn't make too much progress, but that was expected.

9/27: Worked A LOT of the left front including all of the waist shaping. It's 10" long now and every other row gets shorter & thus faster to knit. Finished the third ball of yarn.
9/28: Even more left front action! I did the armhole shaping and am working my way up towards the shoulder shaping. It's going VERY fast, but I won't be able to knit tomorrow because...
9/29: Took the day off for my friend Jen's wedding! (It was totally awesome and worth missing out on knitting for.)
9/30: FINISHED THE LEFT FRONT! Yay! Started work on the right front.
10/1: Not much knitting accomplished. :(
10/2: Made decent progress on the right front. Finished the fourth ball of yarn. Worked most of the waist shaping.
10/3: Lots of right front progress! Finished the waist shaping and am fast approaching the shoulder shaping. I love that each row gets shorter and shorter!

Wrap - finished left front

JP insists on being in every single photo he possibly can. He's adorable, though, and I can't deny him. That's my finished left front. It probably only took one ball of yarn total, but since I started with what was left from the back & had to start a new one in there, I'm not sure.

I discovered, when I started the waist shaping for the right front, that I missed one decrease on the waist shaping for the left front (doing it a total of four times instead of four MORE times). Somehow my numbers worked out properly anyway on that front and I decided to consciously make the same mistake on the right side, for symmetry's sake.

I can see myself finishing the right front in the next day or so, IF I get enough knitting time in. I'm not sure how well that will work out, but I'll try to post again when I finish it.


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