Entry: New Project! Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've been so lax with my updating and I don't have a good reason. Except, perhaps, that I've been too lazy to take pictures of what I've been working on until today? I decided to get ambitious and try to knit a sweater before Rhinebeck. I've never knit a real sweater for myself (Tubey doesn't really count because the unique construction makes it much less like a real sweater) or actually for anybody. So now's a good time to start, right?

I decided to knit the "Lift and Separate" wrap from Big Girl Knits. I've been in love with that sweater since the book first came out (and I rushed to purchase it!) but I've never had the motivation to knit it. I'm not even sure that I'm going to Rhinebeck (my awesome friend Danny *might* be taking me, but we don't have an official plan yet) but I'm working on this with wearing it there as the goal.

I've been keeping pretty good notes, so even without blogging at least the information is recorded:

9/17: Gauge swatches! I had to make three different swatches to find the right combination, but it will be worth it when the sweater -gasp- actually fits! I ended up with TLC Cotton Plus (I've had it in my stash for over two years) and US 6 needles (my KnitPicks Options).
9/18: Cast on. Using US 3 needles for the 1x1 rib base because the gauge in rib on the 6's was all wrong. I didn't want a gaping rib and my ribbing tends to be looser than stockinette. The 3's worked perfectly and I'm very pleased with it.
9/19: I picked up stitches along rib and began working the back. There's no puckering or anything which makes me happy. The yarn is a little splitty, but not too bad.
9/20: I worked the decreases on the back for the waist shaping. It's 7.25" long now. I finished the first ball of yarn. It's really coming along nicely.
9/21: I worked the straight knitting after the decreases & then the increases on the back for the waist shaping. It's 10.5" long now.
9/22: I worked the straight knitting after the increases & then part of the shoulder shaping on the back. It's 14.5" long now and finally beginning to feel like a sweater.
9/23: I took the day off to see Rilo Kiley! I brought a secret small knitting project with me for the train ride & the waiting I had to do before meeting up with my friends. The concert was an AWESOME birthday gift from my friend Craig. It was a standing-room-only show which is my favorite kind and they played so many songs that I love.
9/24: I finished the straight knitting to the armholes and began armhole decreases. It's 17" long now.
9/25: I finished the armhole decreases & worked straight rows toward neck. It's 21.5" long now and the end is so close I can practically taste it!
And today? I finished the back!

Wrap - finished back

It's 24.5" long (like it's supposed to be!) and it actually looks like the back of a sweater! It just makes me so proud because it makes my goal seem not that unreasonable. Maybe I'm crazy for thinking I can knit two fronts and two sleeves in like 25 days, but here's hoping I'm not. I think the fronts will go faster because the rows are so much shorter and the sleeves for the same reason. Plus I've still got knitting time for today. I'll try to update the blog more often, but we'll see how it goes.


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