Entry: Some FOs Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why have I not written for nearly two weeks? It's not for lack of knitting! Part of the reason is that last friday (8/24) was my 25th birthday. I went out with some of my favorite people in the world (Danny, Jen, Dana, Alex... and also Jen's fiancee Brian) and had a VERY nice dinner. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory (where I had never been) and then I had my very first piece(s) of real cheesecake. I've never been a very adventurous eater and I'd always convinced myself that I "didn't like" things that I'd just never tried. I was wrong about cheesecake, which means I might be wrong about a lot of things. :)

I knit my way through one entire Monkey sock since I last posted - the second sock is a little bit further than the first one was when last I posted. No new pictures because I'm too lazy to get my camera AND the socks together in the same room. Pictures when the pair is finished, I promise.

And I've also knit my way through not one, but two Ballband Dishcloths. They're actually washcloths for JP. I'd been meaning to make some for him for a while now and gearing up for Dishrag Tag seemed like a good idea. Here's one:

Joshie's Ball-Band Washcloth.

Started: August 26
Finished: August 27
Yarn Used: Sugar & Cream in White and Faded Denim
Needles Used: US 6

and here's the second:

Joshie's Washcloth II

Started: August 27
Finished: August 29
(the other details are the same as above)

I've got the pattern memorized now and once the Dishrag Tag package gets here (it's on its way to me right now!) I will cast on for yet another one.


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